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You can search for items on the Home Page or browse items by category. To place a bid on an item you must register for an account.

RSE-Auctions.com offers its members traditional auction type listings to the highest bidder. RSE-Auctions.com specifies the start price, and members can bid against each other in specified bid increments. In a traditional auction, a listing item with a specific listing ID number, regardless of how many pieces are included in it, is equal to one.

Fixed Price - A Fixed Price listing does not allow bidding. The seller specifies the only acceptable price for the item(s).

Reserve - The Reserve price in RSE-Auctions.com is published with the listing and is the same as the start price and the minimum bid amount for that listing. 

Searching - There are two ways to seach for items, Basic Search and Advanced Search.

Basic Search - Accessible from both the Home Page and Browse.

  • Enter Keywords, Item #, or Username

  • Select appropriate search parameter

    • Title & Description

    • Item #

    • User

  • Click "Search" button

Advanced Search - Accessible by clicking the "Advanced Search" button on the Home Page

The following options are available for the Advanced Search:

  • Load Saved Search - Use a previously saved search.

  • Category - Select a specific item category or "All Categories."

  • Search - Enter Keywords or Item #. To search Title & Descriptions check the appropriate box.
    The following options are available for keyword search:

    • All of these words

    • Any of these words

    • Exactly these words

  • Item Options - Used to search custom item fields. Example: ISBN # for textbooks.

  • Refine Your Search - Narrow the search. Reduce the number of search results by setting specific searchable properties.

    • Price Range

    • Start Date

    • End Date

    • Words to Exclude

    • Listing type

      • Classified

      • Fixed Price

      • Auction

      • Dutch

      • Trade

    • Listing Options

      • Completed

      • Buy Now! only

      • No Reserve only

      • With Pictures only

  • Display Format - How to organize the items your search returns.

    • Items Ending First - Items with the least ammount of time left first.

    • Items Ending Last - Items with the longest ammount of time left first.

    • Newest Items First - Items with the most recent start date.

    • Oldest Items First - items with the oldest start date.

    • Lowest Price First

    • Highest Price First

    • Most Bids First

    • Least Bids First

    • Alphabetically

    • Reverse Alphabetically

Press "GO" to activate Advanced Search.



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